Elesense E1129 office wirelessly controlled LED lamp monitor lighting black

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  • Perfect for everyday desk work ! The lamp is a source of soft, diffused light , specially designed like this. that, despite mounting on the monitor, it does not illuminate the screen and does not shine in the user’s eyes. The lamp has built-in LEDs imitating the color of light in the range of 2700K – 6500K. Thanks to the included wireless controller , you are able to change the parameters of the light without having to break away from your duties and approach it.
  • Easy to adapt to individual needs
    Thanks to the mounting on the monitor, the lamp perfectly illuminates only the working space on the desk. Due to the use of two sets of LEDs with different color temperatures, the emitted light has three colors.

  • Comfort and safety
    The light color can be set to one of three colors. This means that you can easily adjust the light intensity to your preferences, so that your eyes do not hurt. Warm and delicate light protects them against pain, burning and fatigue. Thanks to the appropriately profiled structure, the lamp does not expose you to direct lighting, which makes it a safe and healthy source of light for your eyes!

  • Size: 45cm*2.4cm*2cm

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