UGREEN 80551 X-Kit Laptop Stand Docking Station (Reddot Winer 2021)

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  • X-Kit: World’s First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand: (Reddot Winer 2021)
  • The X-Kit is the combination of a powerful 5-in-1 USB hub that connects to all the devices you need to boost productivity and an ultra-lightweight ergonomic laptop/tablet stand with four adjustable angles designed for maximum mobility.
  • Your Work-at-Home Essential:
  • It all started with our product designer when he began #WFH this year. Beyond the great opportunities, like many of us, he found challenges in building a healthy and productive workplace at home..
  • Most modern laptops today aren’t equipped with enough ports to support all the supplementary devices we need to replicate a comprehensive “second office.” Fear of insufficient ports and an unhealthy work posture was his motivation for creating the perfect work-at-home essential.1
  • “5 + 4” Health Working Companion:
  • Several factors can affect your work productivity, such as improper posture, excessive movements, forces, pressure points, static loads, and much more
  • Ergonomic Design with 4 Adjustable Angles:
  • Find your best ergonomic posture with 4 adjustable angles whether you want to read, type, take notes, draw, or use external keyboards with laptops and tablets. The X-Kit provides optimal comfort without the fatigue of your neck, arms, wrists, or eyes.
  • Foldable & Portable, Backpack Friendly:
  • Open and fold-up in a split second; you can set up your office space anytime, anywhere with the X-Kit. It fits easily in your backpack, tote bag, or even a briefcase.
  • Unleash Vivid 4K HDMI Display:
  • Enjoy a high-quality display with the X-Kit’s ultra-high-definition HDMI port with 3D support—no image tearing, stuttering, or jerkiness, as well as fine audio and display synchronization.
  • Turbo Transmission Speed:
  • Transferring a 1GB movie in 5 seconds? Copying images from a 32GB memory card in 5 minutes? With the high-speed transmission of up to 5Gbps from the two USB-A 3.0 ports and 104 MB/s from the SD/TF card slots, the X-Kit nailed it.
  • Go Green With UGREEN
  • From the product materials to its packaging, the X-Kit is fully recyclable with RoHS compliance. Additionally, it saves energy by lowering power consumption than a 1W LED lamp with a working HDMI port (≈333mA).

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