Ugreen adjustable headphone stand

  • Universal headphone stand
  • A new home for your headphones – A universal stand designed for all types of headphones , which will not only allow you to conveniently hang the headphones, but also display them in an attractive way.
  • Rounded handle – The hanger handle is rounded, thanks to which it perfectly fits the headband of the headphones , and thus evenly distributes their weight , increasing safety.
  • Metal construction – The tripod is entirely made of strong aluminum , ensuring not only exceptional durability , but also an elegant look.
  • Always at the height of the taskThe arm of the accessory can be easily adjusted , adjusting the height of the handle to the size of the headphones and to our own preferences.
  • Stability = safetyNon-slip pads on the bottom of the base and precise balancing of the stand ensure that the headphones hanging on it are safe.


  • Material: Aluminum + silicone
  • Dimensions: height – 287 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg