UGREEN 40356 Cable Organizer 5m (Black)

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  • *MULTIPLE USE: UGREEN cable fastening tape is a low profile and economical option of cord organization, management and storage for computer, guitar cables, speaker and mic wires and electronics extension cords.
  • *HOOK & LOOP STRAPS: With hook material on one side and loop material on the other, these high quality fastening cable ties are designed for you to tie cables or other fastening/attaching needs. Wraps onto itself for secure hold, ensuring the strap stays with the cord so it doesn’t get lost.
  • *SELF ORGANIZER: Cable management becomes much easier with this tie roll. Simply cut it to the perfect length as your custom orders for any application: short cut to wrap unsightly cables together or long cut to avoid cable nests and clutter.
  • *REUSABLE AND DURABLE: Self-attaching hook and loop material is a “miracle” fastener with thousands of uses from hanging a picture on a wall to replacing a traditional zipper on a jacket to almost anything you can imagine. Long nylon strips, adjustable and reusable. 20mm wide fastening tape for strengthen and durability.

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