• 3 In 1 Out HDMI 2.1 Switcher: This HDMI splitter supports connecting 3 HDMI sources to 1 HDMI display, keeping all your HDMI equipment relevant & useful. It eliminates the hassle of unplugging and reconnecting cables, helps decrease wear and tear & extends the lifespan of your gear. Note: This UGREEN HDMI Switcher DOES NOT work from a single source to multi monitors. Also, HDMI cables are NOT included.
  • Ultra-HD 8K Resolution: Our HDMI switch 4k 120Hz is perfect for gamers, supporting the latest 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz, and 1080P@240Hz resolutions, giving you the best resolution. It’s backward compatible & supports HDMI 2.1/2.0/1.4, and Dynamic HDR 3D. Also it’s Dolby Vision & HDCP2.3 compliant. NOTE: To ensure the high refresh rate (8K@60Hz), your HDMI 8K cable should be within 10FT of input and output.
  • Fast and Stable Transmission: This 8k HDMI switcher provides high bandwidth up to 48Gbps data transmission. It allows you to enjoy fluid, high-quality visuals during intense gaming sessions or fast-paced action movies. Note: 4K and 2K high refresh must use 8K Cable. Please keep this HDMI switcher always connected with a power source when using.
  • Plug & Play & Memory Function: Just press the button on the HDMI box to switch between two input sources without external driver. With 3 LED indicators, you can easily know which connected device is working. Note: This HDMI switch with remote has a memory function, and each time the power is turned on, the corresponding channel is retained before power failure.
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices: UGREEN 8K HDMI switch supports most devices with a standard HDMI interface. Input compatible with Nintendo Switch, PS5/PS4/PS3/, computer, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Blu-ray DVD player, Roku TV, Firestick, etc. Output compatible with HD-Ready or Full HD TVs, monitors, projectors, etc.

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