• HIFI level high fidelity sound quality 6D surround sound Good sound quality comes from good sound, dual speaker stereo, intelligent crossover technology, better resolution, and the sound quality is naturally clearer
  • Full-range unit speaker, internal acoustic structure cooperates with each other, bursting out amazing sound effects, high treble is clear, midrange is calm, bass is strong
  • Small and exquisite, two-channel reproduction of realistic scenes, easy to distinguish the position of each sound during entertainment, each roar will stimulate your hearing nerves, and can’t help screaming
  • Professional audio decoder chip enhances resolution, achieves treble, midrange, and bass balanced tuning natural sound, regardless of volume, has extraordinary performance, enjoy entertainment, a variety of audio and video
  • 3.5mm audio cable connection, widely compatible with mainstream devices, to meet various entertainment needs, independent USB power supply without additional power supply equipment, more convenient and fast to use

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