Choetech PD5009 GaN 65W 2 x USB-C+ 1 x USB-A Fast Universal Travel Wall Charger

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  • Power Charger Choetech PD5009-BK – GaN Power Delivery 65 W – black:  A charger that not only powers your phone, but also your tablet or laptop and can charge three devices at once? It has to be Choetech PD5009! This wall charger has three built-in ports: two USB Type C (max 65W) and USB (max 30W). When you connect your devices to all ports, Choetech PD5009 will charge them with a combined power of up to 60 watts. With GaN components, the charger is efficient, powerful and fast. The PD5009 supports Power Delivery fast charging standards. It will not be intimidated by any challenges!
  • The most important advantages of Choetech PD5009 mains charger:

    • You will use it to charge not only mobile devices but also laptops. USB Type C port working alone will charge at 65 watts
    • Powers your devices more efficiently and safely than traditional chargers with GaN components
    • Capable of simultaneously charging three devices – a USB port and two USB Type C ports can operate at the same time to deliver up to 60 watts of power
    • Charges your phone even faster with Power Delivery support (if your smartphone supports it)
    • Compact and lightweight forconvenient us
  • More compact and efficient
    The Choetech charger is built with GaN components that use gallium nitride. This technology makes the device more efficient, safer and smaller than traditional chargers. It also conducts heat better.

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