Cashido Ozone Antibacterial Systems Mermaid 10 Second Machine Shower OH6800_XS1

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  • Cashido Ozone water Sanitisers – OH6800_XS1 (Mermaid Shower)
     Protects Against Bacteria – Remove Pesticides, Odors in 10 Sec

    10 Second Machine Ozone System Benefits

    • Kill Bacteria 99% in 10 Sec : Ozone successfully kills bacteria on food and surfaces. Disinfect and sanitize your food, home, restaurant and business.
    • Remove Pesticides 75% in 10 Sec : Ozone can destroy the chemical breakdown of pesticides to remove pesticides from the fruits and vegetables you eat.
    • Remove Odors in 10 Sec : Ozone breaks down and destroys odors.

    Cashido’s 10 Second Machine installs on your faucet in minutes. Simply replace your faucet aerator with Cashido’s mixer,

    connect the silica tube from the mixer to the 10 Second Machine, then hang the machine on the wall. Connect the power, and you are ready to clean!


    • Prevent mold and foul odor buildup in sink drains.
    • Repel roaches-mop the floor and wipe tables with ozonied water.
    • Fight mildew in the bathroom.
    • Personal hygiene-washing face, brushing teeth, washing clothes.
    • Wash kitchen rags to stop bacteria growth and remove odors.


    • No filters to replace.
    • Concealable in a cabinet to keep your kitchen clutter-free.
    • Small and easy to carry.
    • Meets international power specifications (100V~250V).
    • Always on design provides instant ozone whenever needed.
    • Low power usage (4.5 max)
    • Water and electricity are kept separate.
    • Patented to ensure steady flow of ozone and smooth ozone-water mixture.

    Ozone’s working theory:

      • Remove pesticides: Ozone will destroy the chemical make-up of pesticides, causing them to disintegrate into non-harmful compounds.
      • Kill bacteria: Ozone mixes with your water to create bacteria-killing water to destroy bacteria on contact.
      • Remove odors: Ozone will destroy the chemical make-up of odor causing agents, removing unpleasant odors from everything that’s washed.

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