• ♣ Upgraded Ceramic Knives ♣ : Round off the blades at the front and back ends of upgraded ceramic knives manually, avoid being hurt by sharp ends. Stick the handle and blade together manually with high quality glue which can stick better, instead of operating by machine operation with normal glue.
  • ♣ Healthy and Safe ♣ : Made of Zirconia which is the top fiber material in the world, fireproof, rustproof, germ resistant and stain resistant. Hardness and no chemical reaction to other food, keep your food with its original taste, color, freshness and nutrition.
  • ♣ Ergonomic Design and Lightweight ♣ : Designed with anti-slip handles for a good comfortable grip, easy to hold. Instead of heavy weight of normal metal knife, lightweight ceramic knives is handy for carrying and storing, allowing you enjoy cooking. Besides, very sharp and cut though anything with ease.
  • ♣ All-in-One Knife Set ♣ : Includes 4 pieces of knives, 1 piece of peeler and substantial protective covers, the best combination of kitchen knives. Suitable for daily home use, such as cut boneless meat, vegetables, fruits and bread.
  • ♣ Ideal Gift Choice ♣ : Cooking knives set comes in a well-designed, good quality and lovely amazing box, perfect as a gift for someone around you who loves cooking or who cooks in your life.

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